4Horsemen Rehabilitation Services
Building Hope. Overcoming Obstacles. Transforming Lives.
4Horsemen Rehabilitation Services

Building Hope. Overcoming Obstacles. Transforming Lives.

A Better Future

Always Forward

Our mission is to empower formerly incarcerated individuals in Georgia through dedicated coaching, mentoring, and skill-building programs focused on enhancing communication and fostering personal growth.

Our team connects resources to people. We offer Housing Location Assistance, Locating
Employment, and Access to Food & Shelter. We specialize in Mentorship, Personal
Development, One on One and Group Coaching, Community Integration, and Resiliency

The Four

Pillars of Success


A gentle hand may lead even an elephant by a hair.


A mentor allows you to see the hope inside yourself.


Change is the end result of all true learning.


Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.

A Glimpse Into

our Life

Building Bridges for

the Future

4Horsemen were founded to serve justice involved citizens looking for an opportunity to
improve their circumstances.

We assist formerly incarcerated people as they reintegrate back into society by providing long-
term mentorship (6 - 18 months) and helping develop opportunities so they can find success
upon returning to their communities. We provide life skills training, personal development, and
one on one and group coaching in order to improve chances for a successful career. We ensure
that formerly incarcerated individuals have the tools, awareness, drive, and self-confidence to
secure and thrive in a career.



Our vision is to create communities where every formerly incarcerated person has the opportunity for employment, personal development, and the skills to enter into a career and avoid returning to prison.

Why We Do it

Where Does Georgia¹ Stand?


Georgia's rank among U.S. state & local incarceration rates

1 in 20

Georgia's community supervision rate


Transitional center utilization rate in Fulton, Clayton, and Dekalb counties

The Numbers Are Staggering

527,000 Georgians¹ are behind bars or under criminal justice supervision.

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1 Source: https://www.prisonpolicy.org/reports/correctionalcontrol2018.html


Proven Results


recidivism while in our program


have maintained employment


say our program exceeded expectatiions

recidivism – noun : a tendency to relapse into a previous mode of behavior

Note: Data updated as of January 2022


My goal was just to complete the Day Reporting Center. My growth came in because of the 4Horsemen. When I joined…I became intrigued with it, and I stuck with it. The best thing that came out of my probation was the 4Horsemen because it changed me as a whole.

-- J. Parks

Working with James at 4 Horsemen has been an incredible experience. Each session we explore a new topic from my past and create goals for the future to work towards achieving them. Through this process, I felt more confident in myself -- it took no time at all to realize how valuable he had been in helping me find peace within myself while navigating through life's challenges head-on!

-- T. Luckey


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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to helping both men and women transition from prisons and jails back into their communities smoothly. Specifically, we assist them in resource procurement by connecting them to organizations that can meet specific needs such as healthcare, employment, and housing, and then we offer free executive-level coaching and mentoring so that each person can meet their specific goals.
Additionally, we offer training in conflict resolution, personal development, communication, career assessments, and other important life skills designed to shorten the reintegration process.

EIN 82-0640879

Combined Federal Campaign #62053

Text “GIVE” to 678-271-6506